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‘1870’ Reclaims a Cyberpunk Future from Colonial Wreckage – Cameron Kunzelman

20 Years Later, the Hardest Losses in ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Have Changed – Cameron Kunzelmann 

2017’s Worst Villains Were More Than Just Monsters – Cameron Kunzelman


Access – Leeroy Lewin (Dark Souls, Accessibility)

All The Women I Know in Video Games Are Tired – Leigh Alexander

American Nomad – Death Stranding and Public Infrastructure – Emily Rose

The Antagonist In Life Is Strange 2 Is Racism – Gita Jackson

Another Narrative Fallacy: It’s All About Choice – Warren Spector

Another Story – Anjian (Mass Effect)

apple arcade and unidentified indie games – LeeRoy Lewin

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Acts Like an RPG, But It Doesn’t Go Far Enough – Nathan Grayson


Battlefield 1 and Modern Memory – John Brindle

Being Sexy and Not Sexist – A Look at Bayonetta and Objectification – Katherine Cross

Beneath Its Cute Exterior, Forager Is Indisputably a Game About Colonization – Dante Douglas 

Better Living Through Fistfights – Astrid B

Beware the Corporate Video Game Canon – Lewis Gordon

Bioshock’s Jewish Roots Run Deep – Cody Mello-Klein

Bleeding Between Alternate Realities in Metal Gear Solid 5 and Other Open World Games – Robert Yang

Blood Pact Review: Sex and Excess – Autumn Wright

Bloodporne: Why Bloodletting Ought to Mean More in Pop Videogames – Jed Pressgrove

Builders Take a Back Seat to Conquerors in ‘Imperator: Rome’ – Rob Zacny


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Turns Trauma and Fear into Cheap Tricks – Chris Compendio

The Case of The Disappearing Nancy Drew Video Games – Elizabeth Ballou

Celebrating the humanisation of queer women through human in video games – Natalie Flores

Chaos as Canon – Joshua Calixto

Charting Our Emotional Landscapes through Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s Hanbei– Dia Lacina

Children of the Earth: the Limits of Link and the Promise of Aloy  – Carolyn Petit

Cibele is a Game about the Muddled Reality of Video Games and Online Love  – Ads Robertson

Cibele is a Crazy-Real Game About Falling in Love Online – Laura Hudson

Pixels in Praxis: Cibele – Andrew Hathaway

Closing the Loop With Bioshock Infinite – Javy Gwaltney

Critical Perspectives on Waluigi – Franck Ribery, Jenny Powell, And Lucy Pinder

Cuphead and the Racist Spectre of Fleischer Art – Yussef Cole


Death Stranding Finds Hope in Despair – Reid McCarter

Death Stranding’s Hero Is Just a Side Character – Cameron Kunzelman

‘Death Stranding’ imagines the eco-horror of our future dystopia – Lewis Gordon

‘Death Stranding’ Is an Extinction Nightmare We Can’t Afford to Ignore – Luis Paez-Pumar

‘Death Stranding’ Shines When You’re Delivering Packages in a Haunted World – Rob Zacny

The Decade in Five Games – Joshua Rivera

Denial of the Self: Queer Characters in Persona 4 – Carolyn Petit

Depression, Soulsbornes, Sekiro, and Survival – Rich Lovejoy

Depression and the Solace of ‘Grinding’ in Online Games – Julie Muncy

‘Detroit’ Siphons and Squanders a History of Marginalized Struggle –  Yussef Cole

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Doesn’t Examine the Real World Issues It Brings Up – Eric Van Allen

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Neglects Humans in Its Bid for Transhumanism – Nick Capozzoli

Deutschland fehlt das Superspiel (In German) – Markus Böhm, Matthias Kreienbrink, and Hanz Omar Sayami

Dishonored’s Billie Lurk Was the Spirit of Justice in 2017 – Yussef Cole 

Don’t Let Telltale Milk Your Fandom Until They Pay The Workers They Screwed – Patrick Klepek

The Doom Mod that Best Describes Our Uncanny Reality – Liz Ryerson

Do the Right Thing – Liz Ryerson


Dreams Is A Powerful Tool to Create Anything and Own Nothing – Cameron Kunzelmann 

Due Diligence: Chain of Memories, the Direct-to-Video Sequel – Leigh Harrison


Earning Landscapes Through Difficulty: Running and Dark Souls – Scott Atchison

The Endless Stream of New Game Releases Is Exciting, but also Exhausting – Cameron Kunzelman

Even The Ocean Shows us How Good People Let Bad Things Happen – Amr Al-Aaser

The Excellent Devil May Cry 5 Falls Just Short of S Rank – Dia Lacina

Exploring the Uncanny, Sci-Fi Dystopias of Simon Stålenhag – Jack de Quidt

The Existential Art – Tevis Thompson


Fans Are The Worst – Sarah Horrocks

Far Cry 5’s Paranoid Right Wing Fantasy – Jed Pressgrove

The Far Cry Series Needs to Let Things Break Again – Heather Alexandra

Far Cry 5’s Faith Seed Embodies an Evangelical Double Standard – Riley MacLeod

Fighting Change and Time in A Night In the Woods – Moises Taveras

Final Fantasy VII’s Legacy Gets Everything About Final Fantasy VII Wrong – Harry Mackin

Final Fantasy IX Teaches us about war and how times have changed – Cameron Kunzelmann

The Final Word on ‘The Phantom Pain’, a Video Game about Video Games – Leigh Alexander

Fool’s Errand – A Guide To The Game Sepulchre – Emily Rose

Fortnite could only exist in a world that’s running out of resources – Trevor Strunk

Fuck Mario – Liz Ryerson


games as found objects & virtual relics – Nathalie Lawhead

Games Have Always Tried to Whitewash Nazis as Just ‘German Soldiers’ – Rob Zacny

Gamers Like PewDiePie are why I don’t play online – Mike Sholars

Gaming’s Climate Dread in a 4K Streaming Ecosystem – Lewis Gordon

Gaming’s fickle relationship with porn is holding back adult content – Ana Valens

The Gaming Library That Helped a Neglected Neighborhood Find a New Identity – Kimberly Koenig

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy – Andrew Hathaway

Gone Home: A Brilliant Example of How Less Can Be More in Video Games – Leigh Alexander

‘Graveyard Keeper’ is about Losing Your Future to Your Present – David J. Lumb

The Greatest Show On Earth: A Day With Geoff Keighley – Tim Colwill


A Hallucinatory Plea – Maddi Chilton

Hampering the search for real criticism: the algoritualism of Youtube culture – Zoyander Street

Hell Is Empty and All the Devils Are Queer (We Know the Devil) – Dan Parker

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding Is Beautiful, Smart—and Kinda Boring – Julie Muncy

‘Hitman 2’ Makes You The Catastrophe Everyone Is Dreading – Cameron Kunzelman 

Hitman 2: The Kotaku Review – Riley MacLeod

How Live Games Are Making Players Act like Ancient Astronomers – Andrew King

Horizon Zero Dawn, Joss Whedon, and the Problem with “Strong Female Characters” – Holly Green

‘Hotline Miami’ Showed the Futility of Ultra-Violence as Critique – Cameron Kunzelman

The “Hot Ryu” Meme: Sexiness vs. Sexual Objectification – Maddy Myers

How Brutalism has shaped games – Ewan Wilson

How Cibele taught me to love existential sex crises – Katherine Cross

How the creators of the Otome Genre Bring Romance to Modern Audiences – Anne Lee

How Dark Souls 2 Reflects our Historical and Political Anxieties – Brandon Vance

How Homestuck Defined What It Means to Be a Fan Online – Michael Lutz

How the Devs Behind ‘Sable” Found Inspiration in the Enigmatic – Darren Anderson

How Hyper Light Paralleled my Own Transition – Julie Muncy

How I Game While Disabled – Lizzy Lynn Garcia 

How One Dev Is Using Games as Therapy to Reach Across Generations – Dante Douglas

How Metal Gear Eschewed Realism to Convey the Horror of Imperial Violence – Moira Hicks

How Modern Warfare smooths over the horrors of war – Nick Capozzoli

How This Game Mirrored My Own Reconciliation With Trauma (Home Is Where the Hearth Is) – Natalie Watson 

How Trans Consultants saved Dragon Age: Inquisition – Laura Dale

How Warsaw Captures the Brutality—and Complexity—of the Historical Uprising that Inspired It – Reid McCarter

The Human Cost of the Millennial Generation Gap in Night in the Woods – Jess Joho


I can’t bring myself to delete the sim of my ex – Gita Jackson

I celebrated Native American Hertiage Month by ruining a comedy podcast – Joey Clift

The Idea of a Good Ending is One of the Bleakest Parts of Metro Exodus – Cameron Kunzelman

If We’re Going to Talk About Untitled Goose Game Then By God Let’s Talk About Untitled Goose Game – Melissa Brinks

The Importance of Being Earnest: Tabletop Roleplaying, Queerness, and the Therapy of the Future – Naomi Burgess

In Defense of Final Fantasy XIII – Heather Alexandra

I Never Want to Wake Up – Reviewing LUCAH: Born of a Dream – Catherine Brinegar

The Inexplicable Sexiness of Ivy Valentine – Maddy Myers

In ‘God of War,’ Moms Come Last – Dia Lacina

In Outer Wilds, Giant’s Deep Is My Own Personal Hell – Jordan Mallory

In Pursuit of the Shot in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Dia Lacina

Inside Rockstar Games’ Culture Of Crunch – Jason Schreier

The Irishman – Logan Kenny


It’s Disgusting But I Can’t Help Myself: eXistenZ’s Unhappy Consciousness for Videogames – Emilie M. Reed

In The Space My Mirrors Once Were, I Made Avatars – Gita Jackson

I Wanna Fly High (Sonic the Hedgehog) – Dan Parker


Jumpin’ Kid: Jack to Mame no Ki Monogatari – Vincent Kinian


Knights of the Old Republic Tries to Hide Its Queer Horror – Nora Blake

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Myth-making and Historical Accuracy – Reid McCarter

Kingdom Come Owes Its Popularity To ‘Realism’ And Conservative Politics – Nathan Grayson 

Kingdom Hearts III is a Big, Beautiful Mess – Julie Muncy

Kitty Horrorshow’s Latest Is A Horror Game For Our Scary Political Moment – Cameron Kunzelman


Lay Down Your Burdens – The Outer World’s Subversive Approach to Player-Centric Narratives – Emily Rose

Leaping Across the Spaces Between Us: On Relationship in Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian – Carolyn Petit

Less Talk, More Rock – Superbrothers

Let’s Place: Three Stories of Witnessing the Impossible – Daria Kalugina

The Liberation of Games Will Not Be Streamed on Twitch – Chris Bateman

Life Hacks by Leigh Alexander and Quinten Smith

Lights, Camera, Bayo (Bayo-Sutra, Verse 4) – Todd Harper

Live, Die, Repeat – How Time Loops took Over Video Games  – Jordan Erica Webber

Looking Back at my Former Life In Star Wars: The Old Republic – Heather Alexandra

looking to give away sony TV – Skeleton


Maintaining CONTROL – An Interview with Remedy Entertainment – Emily Rose and Catherine Brinegar

make stuff and be free! (to vanish without a trace) – Liz Ryerson

Making History About The Mass Grave of the Obra Dinn – Seva

The Making Of Nintendo’s Best Nose-Picking Game – Stephen Totilo

Making the Right Choices in The Man of Medan – Reid McCarter

The Man and the Monster (Dragon Age 2) – gaby

This ‘Mario Maker’ Level Has Been Played 2.6 Million Times and Never Beaten – Patrick Klepek

Mass Effect 3 – Some Things Are Inevitable – Laura Dale

The Maze and the Other In Interactive Fiction – Mark Sample

Meet the Meticulous Fan Behind the Internet’s Most Meticulous Mario Blog – Patrick Klepek

Memory Loss, Mental Illness, and Final Fantasy VIII – Kazuma Hashimoto

Metal Gear Retrospective: Snake’s Punishment Begins – Heather Alexandra

Metal Gear 2 Retrospective: The World Spins Without Snake – Heather Alexandra 

Metal Gear Solid Has Always Been About The Busywork of War – Cameron Kunzelman

Metal Gear Solid Retrospective: ‘You Enjoy All The Killing, That’s Why’ – Heather Alexandra

Metal Gear Solid 2 was a Twisted Experiment in Mind Control – Peter Tieryas

Metal Gear Solid 3, I love you with All My Heart – Leigh Alexander

Metal Gear Survive is the perfect follow up to a game about capitalism – Adam Page 

Metal Gear Survive Review – Heather Alexandra

‘MLB The Show 18’ Dreams of Escape from Politics, And Damn, It’s Tempting – Rob Zacny

‘Modern Warfare,’ The Highway of Death, and Call of Duty’s Exploitation of the Past – Matthew Gault

‘Mordhau’ Is the Most Fun I’ve Ever Had Dying – Cameron Kunzelman

Money for Nothing (Yazuka 0) – Ed Smith

The Monster Within – Liz Ryerson (Hotline Miami)

Miyamoto on World 1-1: How Nintendo made Mario’s most iconic level – Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka

My First Tattoo Lets Me Remember My Love For Skies of Arcadia – Heather Alexandra


The New Need for Speed Sees a future where Loot Boxes Are in Control – Austin Walker 

The Nightmare War of Battlefield 1 – Kirk Hamilton

Nintendo’s New Game Where You Run a Clothing Store Shows That Style Is Substantial – Janine Hawkins

Not a Hero, Just a Postman – Euan Brook

No Respawns: Telltale, Rockstar, and Crunch – Nat Dish

Notes on Pieces: Flint: I’m the Firestarter – Lana Polansky

The Nukes of ‘Fallout 76’ Are Where Power Fantasies Hit a Breaking Point – Cameron Kunzelman


Officer K and the Real Girl: Cultural Dehumanization in Blade Runner 2049 – Carolyn Petit

On Assassin’s Creed Part 1: The Fiction – Cameron Kunzelman

On Assassin’s Creed Part 2: The Game – Cameron Kunzelman

On The Beautiful and Tragic Weirdness of Sonic Adventure, Part 1: An Empty City by Zolani Stewart

On Consuming Media Responsibly – Jenn Frank

One of the Best Quests in ‘Destiny 2’ Is an Unexpected Meditation on Grief – Ricardo Contreras

On the logic and emotion within Chess and The Quiet Sleep – Seva

On Metal Gear Solid V – Cameron Kunzelman

On Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Brendan Keogh

On Monsters, Role Playing, and Blackness – Gita Jackson 

On Playmats – Leigh Alexander and Quinten Smith

On Reality is Broken – Cameron Kunzelman

On Red Dead Redemption – Cameron Kunzelman

On Sonic ’06 – Zolani Stewart

On Videogame Reviews – Tevis Thompson

Other Player’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Photos Inspire Me To See Its World – Gita Jackson

The Outer Wilds: Six Note Make a Chord – Riley Hopkins

‘Outer Wilds’ Is a Captivating Sci-Fi Mystery About the end of the World – Austin Walker

Overhead Storage – Exploitation of Queer Trauma in Indie Games (Part I) – Emily Rose

Overhead Storage – Exploitation of Queer Trauma in Indie Games (Part II) – Emily Rose


The Palpable Nothingness of the Volga Region in Metro: Exodus – Cole Henry

A People’s History of Playstation Home – Clayton Purdom (interviewing Roc Herms)

Perfection is not mandatory – Lucas Moura

The Perverse Ideology of the Division – Gareth Damion Martin

‘Phoenix’: The Best Imitation of Myself – Esther Rosenfield

Picture in a Frame – Amr al-aaser

A Plague Tale: Innocence Is the Anti-Assassin’s Creed – Reid McCarter

The Present Alone is Our Sadness (Firewatch) – Benjamin Woodard

‘Project Hospital’ is A Great Way to Understand Our Broken Health Care System – Ian Boudreau

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is Queer – Jeremy Munro

Playing with Resistance – Jane Friedhoff

Poison Tree (Grand Theft Auto V)  – Thomas Bissell

Pretend the darkly cynical Spinnortality has a name that doesn’t make it sound wacky – Tom Chick


The Queer Masculinity of Stealth Games – Riley MacLeod


‘Radio Commander’ Is an Intimate Look at War from Uncomfortable Distance – Rob Zacny

Real Human Beings: Shadow of Mordor, Watch Dogs, and the new NPC – Austin Walker

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Puppet-Like NPCs Clash With Its Meticulous World – Heather Alexandra

A Researcher is Digging Up Largely Forgotten Queer Games – Gita Jackson

The Right to Exist: Transition and Affirmation in Final Fantasy IX – Dakota

‘Ring Fit Adventure’ Understands the Shame and Fear of Exercise – Patrick Klepek


Sail the Nebulae: Seedship and Queer Escapism – Chris Lawrence

Savage Beasts (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) – Alec Duncan

Save Aeris (Final Fantasy VII) – Brian Taylor

Saving Zelda – Tevis Thompson

The Scariest Video Game Monster is Time – Heather Alexandra

‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’ Tries, but Fails, to Tackle Its Own Colonialism – Dia Lacina

Shenmue III Is a Masterpiece of the Mundane – Dia Lacina

The Shortcomings Of Visceral Metaphors in Allegory – Emily Rose

‘A Short Hike’ Takes a Nice Long Day to Reinvent the Walking Simulator – Cameron Kunzelman

Sims At College Drink Too Much – Gita Jackson

A space diary from the Frontier – Kimimi

Spider-Man’s Backpacks Bring The Web-Slinger Down To Earth – Gita Jackson

Straining Against The Yoke – Trevor Hultner

A Stairway to the Unconscious – Thief: The Dark Project, 20 Years Later – Liz Ryerson 

The Story of Chiller, One Very Messed Up Video Game – Luke Winkie

Super Abyssal Meat Boy: Dark Dreams RHN by Emily Rose

Surviving 2016’s Deplorable Boss Rush – Cameron Kunzelman

So You’ve Officially Made Pharah a Native – Dia Lacina


Tales from the Borderlands: The Oral History – Duncan Fyfe

A Teen Dirtbag Beat-Em-Up With Phenomenal Writing – Tim Rogers

Tengami – Vincent Kinian

A Terrifying Five-Minute Horror Game – Heather Alexandra 

There’s a New Forza Game Out, and it’s as Douchey as You Could Hope – Clayton Purdem

There’s Something About You: Playersexuality And Halfway Representation – James McCoull

These Bodies of Mine: What Gaming Teaches About Identity – Bren Price

They Came From a Communist Planet – The Language of the Unheard – Catherine Brinegar

This City Builder Asks You to Rebuild the World After Climate Change – Cameron Kunzelman

This ‘Empathy Game’ reveals a real challenge for Indie Gamers – Leigh Alexander

The Shape of Videogames To Come – Tara Hillegeist

The Timeless Horror of ‘System Shock 2’ – Rob Zacny

To Be Gay in Mass Effect Is An Act of Rebellion – Kenneth Shepard

Top ten games of 2017 – Rob Zacny

To Really Appreciate Red Dead Redemption, Listen to It Closely – GB Burford

‘Totally Accurate Battle Simulator’ Captures the Goofy Mayhem of Mass Violence – Dante Douglas

‘Trackless’ Goes on a Strange Pilgrimage Through an Unsettling World – Cameron Kunzelmann

Trauma and the Futility Of Revenge in Metal Gear Solid V – Javy Gwaltney


An ‘Uber, but for Mental Health’ App Is an Unsettling Therapist in ‘Eliza’ – Rob Zacny

Ulterior Motives – Condemned and The Art Of Playing Games Wrong – Emily Rose

The Undeniable Beauty of Low-Fi Gaming – Amr Al-Aaser

Undertale Drama – Chloe Spencer

Unitary Urban Occultism – Spellcrafting the Revolution – Catherine Brinegar

Unlearning – Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hive Mind – Troyduguid

Unlucky Skin – Skeleton


Valve is not your Friend – Tim Colwell

Video Games Can’t Handle Their Booze – Riley MacLeod

Video Games Can’t Save the World- Yet – Austin Walker

The Video Games that Made People Question Their Beliefs – Gita Jackson

Video Game Tries To Tackle Gang Violence In Chicago, Fails – Gita Jackson


Voegl’s Lack of Appreciation for Video Games and History – Jed Pressgrove


Watching History Fade Away in Call of Duty WWII – Rob Zacny

We Made Our Own Myths in 2017’s Photo Modes – Dia Lacina

We Need More Pessimistic Games – Cameron Kunzelman

‘We. The Revolution’ Is a bleak Morality Tale of Revolutionary Violence – Rob Zacny

What Games Get so Wrong about Egypt, ‘Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ Gets Right – Amr Al-Aaser 

What Lies Beneath: On the Love and Anger of Night in the Woods – Carolyn Petit

What ‘Rage 2’ Could Learn from the Furious Wasteland of ‘Mad Max’ – Dante Douglas

What the Shadow of the Colossus Remake Doesn’t Understand About Art – Amr Al-Aaser

What Sleeping Dogs Gets So Right About Being An Asian American – Kevin Wong

When a Tree Falls in the Woods (A Night in the Woods)  – Michael Kern

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Post-mordem – Johnnemann Nordhagen

Why Now Is The Perfect Time For The Final Fantasy VII Remake – Nola Pfau

The Witcher Netflix trailer captures Geralt’s most relatable trait: reluctance – Jeremy Peel

The Witcher 3: A Non-fan review – Nick

‘Wizards Unite’ Turns the World into a Branded ‘Harry Potter’ Hellscape – Lewis Gordon

The World is a Tough Place, but We All Live in It – Reid McCarter

Worse Than Scabs: Gamer Rage as Anti-Union Violence – Lana Polansky

Why Are There So Many Apocalyptic Video Games? – Cameron Kunzelman 

Why don’t Remakes and Remasters Always Credit The Original Developers – Patrick Klepek

Why I Like Being Hunted by Mercenaries in the Latest Assassin’s Creed – Cameron Kunzelman 

Why Video Games Have So Many Endings and So Few Conclusions – Austin Walker


Yearn (Dark Souls 2) – Carolyn Petit

Yes Dark Sun Gwyndolin is a Trans WOMAN, NO YOU CAN’T HAVE HER – eva problems 

You Dare Call That Thing Criticism? – Kastel


Zelda Is at Its Best When It Embraces Horror – Liam Conlon

Zelda Would Make a Good Archaeologist – Don Everhart

Zombi Forgets that People are Usually Good Actually – Owen Ketillson