Some Announcements

The short version is this blog will soon update more often and there will be more ways to financially support it if you want to.

The Angel Looking Backward will resume a monthly cadence, on the second or third Friday of the month. The Witching Hour will also return on the last Friday of the month.

As for the long version, here’s what’s on the docket: A monthly newsletter, Patreon reboot, and Ko-Fi structure.


You can find the monthly newsletter right here. It will include links to and descriptions of everything worth looking at that I’ve done that month, plus musings, recommendations, etc. It’s an easy way to keep up with my work, without having to sign up for any kind of social media.


I ran a Patreon for around 7 months in 2021-2022 and stopped when I (all too briefly lol) started a full time job. I learned a lot from it and really enjoyed doing it! Of course, the financial boost was very consciously appreciated as well. Since I started freelancing again, I’ve been mulling over exactly how to (or whether to) kick up the Patreon again.

I want to do it, I miss both the money and the work it helped me make. However, I found that the previous structure ill suited what I want to do with it now. Basically, I want the main things the Patreon exists to make to be free for everyone. The Patreon will be an extension of this blog, simply a means of supporting the work I do on here. Here’s the link.

That work will include:

  • The aforementioned newsletter.
  • The Angel Looking Backward, a series covering small-time, overlooked, or forgotten media objects.
  • The Witching Hour, a series covering the Witcher franchise across media and time.
  • Potential future projects, the odd essay, etc.

The only content (ugh) that will be locked behind a paywall will be monthly postcards featuring an exclusive mini-essay. This is for fairly obvious reasons.


For the unfamiliar, Ko-Fi is a similar service to Patreon, but is focused around one-off payments rather than subscriptions. Primarily, the Ko-Fi will work as a tip jar. If you enjoyed something I wrote and want to support me, without committing to a subscription, the Ko-Fi is there for you! Here’s the link.

I also have some notions of how might use Ko-Fi to write things, but I need to make sure everything above is a sustainable workload before committing to that. Stay tuned!

All this is tentative and might change, but I wanted to make sure that my intentions were clear. I’ll be sure to update everyone if any of this substantively changes.

Thank you so much for your readership and your support.

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